• Going All In

    A Samantha Summers Novel

    Samantha Summers is asked to clear star basketball player Trey Williams of murdering his housekeeper. Sam asks her housemate, Chancy Evans to assit her on the case. As they delve further into the facts it appears as if the police have the right suspect. Can Sam and Chancy survive this case; more importantly, will they survive each other.

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  • 6° of Separation

    A Samantha Summers Novel

    Sam Summers receives a call early on New Year’s Day. Her father is dead and her dad has been arrested for his murder. Tony D’Aquisto – Sam’s biological father and a man she never met – is found dead in a cabin near Shawano, Wisconsin. Sam and her housemate, Chancy Evans, rush to her hometown to clear her dad – Stan Summers, the man who raised her. The case takes them across the Northern Plains, dredging up unpleasant memories, opening old wounds…not knowing new ones will soon be inflicted.

    6° of Separation Available for Kindle Available at Amazon

    Can a group of Hoop Dweebs become national champs?

    Ryan Parker is the head coach of a small college basketball program. He and his players, a roster made up solely of engineering nerds, are poised on the brink of having an amazing season. Unfortunately, standing in their way is Parker’s former assistant and long time nemesis, Chris Gilpatrick. Can a group of Hoop Dweebs, overcome these many obstacles and still compete for a national championship?

    HOOP DWEEBS Available at Amazon in eBook and paperback

    Seven Mayan prophecies have already come to pass ...

    December 21, 2012 marked the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar – some believed it meant the end of the World. However, Nick Jensen, a nerdy but adventurous soon-to-be teenager soon learns the incredible true story behind the ancient Mayan prophecies and the remarkable story of the First Civilization of Minoa, Crete.

    THE 8TH MAYAN PROPHECY Available at Amazon in eBook and paperback

    Who is “The One” spoken of in the ancient Mayan prophecy?

    Nick Jensen and his best friends, Grace Walker and AJ Janikowski, are coerced by the Tepal to find a potion he desperately has sought for years. Their mission takes them back in history and places them in the middle of an international struggle between the Tepal and the head of the World Council. Will their mission come to the same tragic end as those who preceded them?

    WIND WALKERS Available at Amazon in eBook and paperback

    This time they are searching for the long lost Templar treasure ...

    Twins, separated at birth, Nick Jensen and Terry Warrington vie to see who is the one spoken of by the ancient Mayans. Eagerly awaiting to see the outcome is the diabolical Alastor Thanatos. The brothers along with their friends embark on a quest to find a long lost Templar treasure buried someplace in North America, one that Thanatos has sent his henchmen to also find as well.

    FIRE KEEPERS Available at Amazon in eBook and paperback

    Who will commit the ultimate betrayal predicted in the final Mayan prophecy?

    The final chapter in The 8th Mayan Prophecy series sees Nick and Terry come to grips with their destinies as events unfold to determine which of the twins is the One Spoken of in the Mayan Prophecy. The Clan is aided by clues left for them by the twins deceased mother and from one other who they least expected.

    THE MINOAN LEGACY Available at Amazon in eBook and paperback