Q. Where did you come up with the idea for your book?

RGP. I was reading a Steve Berry novel, The Charlemagne Pursuit, and I thought the idea of the First Civilization he mentions there would be a great basis for a fantasy novel. I pictured how this advanced culture would export their vast knowledge to places all over the world and, thus, the common cultural similarities between the Mayans and the Egyptians.

Q. Where did the idea of the Elements come from?

RGP. It was a natural extension of the people of the First Civilization developing the ability to alter genetic codes, which would be passed along from generation to generation.

Q. It appears that many of the places and quite a few of the historical facts are
actually accurate.

RGP. Yes. I’m a big fan of both Steve Berry and Dan Brown. I love they way they take historical facts and figures and weave it into their stories. I wanted to do the same thing but aimed at a somewhat younger demographic.

Q. I have read that you are a fan of George Lucas? Does that partially account for the cliffhangers within the book.

RGP. Very much so. I find that I enjoy the books the most that force me forward from one chapter to the next. I hope I’ve accomplished that in this novel.

Q. There also seems to be a cliffhanger at the end of the book as well. How many books do you plan to have in the series?

RGP. There are going to be at least four. I’ve given some thought to a fifth one but haven’t decided for sure.

Q. When do you plan on publishing the next book in the series?

RGP. It will be out around Thanksgiving of 2012.

Q. Do you have any other books for the reader until then?

RGP. I’ve also published, in e-book form only, three short stories that are prequels to The 8th Mayan Prophecy. Dreamcatcher is about Grace Walker and her family before they moved to Wisconsin. AJ is about Arthur J. Janikowski, Jr. prior to December 21, 2012. And The Tepal is about Tristan Warrington, Terry’s father, and how he ended up in Wisconsin as well.

  • Short Stories

    AJ: A Short Story Prequel to The 8th Mayan Prophecy

  • Dreamcatcher: A Short Story Prequel to The 8th Mayan Prophecy

  • The Tepal: A Short Story Prequel to The 8th Mayan Prophecy

    The Tepal