Blog - June 13, 2019

Free E-Book: 6° of Separation

It’s said that everyone on earth is six, or fewer, social connections away from one another. With everyone’s help, I’d like to test that theory. It will take less than five minutes of your time. I’m asking that you share this and see how long it takes to find one of the following Hollywood producers: Irwin Winkler, Arnon Milchan, Kathleen Kennedy, David Heyman, Nina Jacobson, Kevin Feige, Frank Marshall, or Charlize Theron. In return for passing this on, I’m offering a copy of my latest book – 6° of Separation– for FREE. If you’re interested in receiving a copy please click on the Mailerlite link below, then fill out the info – name and email address – and an electronic copy will be sent to you. So please send on this message to everyone you know. Thanks in advance. And if you download the book, I’d love to hear what you think.

Here’s the blurb for 6° of Separation:

In the early morning hours of New Year’s Day, Private Investigator Samantha Summers receives a startling phone call; her father has been killed and her dad arrested for his murder. Sam and Chancy Evans, her best friend and housemate, leave for Shawano, Wisconsin, determined to clear her dad, Stan Summers. As the details begin to unfold, Sam discovers that her biological father, Tony D’Aquisto (a man she has never met) possesses secrets that – for her own wellbeing and safety – might be best left undisturbed. Among Tony’s personal effects Sam and Chancy find eight little black books filled with hundreds of women’s names. They also discover Tony has passports and licenses under various aliases, and clothes that cost tens of thousands of dollars, yet no money or credit cards. Resolving to find the person or persons behind Tony’s murder and clear Stan, Sam and Chancy’s investigation takes them from North Central Wisconsin across much of the Northern Plains, dredging up unpleasant memories, opening old wounds…not knowing new ones will soon be inflicted. For your free ebook of “6° of Separation,” click on the URL below. Thanks

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